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Recorded at: April 22, 2015
Date Posted: April 29, 2015

Every interview you conduct is bi-directional and creating a bad candidate experience means you'll fail to hire the team that you want to work on – you can't hire great people with a mediocre hiring process. The experts in this session have analyzed thousands of interviews and will share how to create a great candidate experience in your company and how to scale your teams effectively. Candidates can use these same lessons to prepare for interviews and evaluate the companies interviewing them.

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Recorded at: May 5, 2016
Date Posted: May 13, 2016

If you apply for a programming job, you may be asked to complete a take home code challenge, "pair program" with another developer, and/or sketch out some code on a whiteboard. A lot has been said of the validity and fairness of these tactics, but, company ethics aside, what if you just need a job? In this talk, I'll show you a series of mistakes I have seen in these interview challenges and give you strategies for avoiding them. I'll give recommendations for how you can impress the programmers grading your work and I'll tell you which rules you should bend in your solutions.

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Recorded at: May 4, 2016
Date Posted: May 26, 2016

Nothing makes or breaks our teams like the members they hire. And so we rate and quiz, assign homework and whiteboard algorithms until candidates are blue in the face. But does it work? In this session, we’ll unpack common interviews and how they stack up with research into predicting performance. We’ll learn to design interviews that work, what kinds don’t work at all, and how to tell the difference, with science!