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ArrrrCamp 2013

This presentation, by Balint Erdi, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Javascript frameworks are the new hotness, and for a good reason. The time has finally come to bring the desktop experience to the browser with well-structured, maintainable apps. I would even argue that having a rich-client side model is becoming the norm, and pretty soon everybody will be doing it. Ember.js is arguably the most thought-out of the bunch. One of its key principles is Convention over Configuration which might sound familiar to some of you ;) Most rich-client apps still need a server-side component, though, to fetch data from and store data to, and we all know Rails also shines when it comes to building an API. In my talk, I'm going to go through the steps of building a real web application with Emberjs on the client side and Rails on the backend. Rest assured I'll also point to all the code we're not writing ;)

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