Barcelona Ruby Conference 2013

Video recording and production done by Barcelona Ruby Conference.

As Ruby Developer I've had a pretty involved relationship with my Mac. I own iPads and iPhones since Apple started to make them. A few years back I told myself I was going to build apps for the Mac/iPhone/iPad but then reality sunk in when I started learning Objective-C and using it in XCode. The environment (and the language) felt like a trip back to 1995. If you are a Web developer used to working with dynamically-typed, lightweight languages, following agile practices like Test-Driven Development, and comfortable with a Unix Shell, then jumping into a development world with an ugly cousin of C++ and an IDE that looks like an F16 cockpit just doesn't seem appealing. Luckily for us there is an alternative in RubyMotion, a Ruby-based toolchain for iOS that brings a Ruby on Rails style of development to the world of iOS application development. In this talk I will quickly introduce you to RubyMotion and jump right in into the world of game development for iOS using your favorite language; Ruby!

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