DockerCon & Co 2015

Video Recording and production by DockerCon Shipping software is hard. We should be able to build it once and deploy everywhere. Immutable and reproducible environments have been elusive. Virtual Machines and Configuration Management tools helped, but they are not the holy grail. A new movement is taking cloud by storm; Docker and CoreOS have evolved the way that services are deployed to any platform enabling organizations to operate efficiently at scale. The secret stems from the way the shipping containers revolutionized the cargo industry. Cheap, zero-penalty Linux Containers (LXC) are like shrink-wrapped VMs but without the bulky overhead. Coupled with CoreOS, a light weight Linux-based OS inspired by Google and designed from the ground up to run containers instead of packages. It is now entirely possible to run a Google-esque infrastructure fully on Open Source. Learn how developers can work better without running a half dozen local VMs under Vagrant or why ops teams are so excited because they can effortlessly define highly-available services which will run anywhere that Docker is installed be it bare metal, virtual or cloud. QA teams are swept up with joy as they are no longer blocked by others and are able quickly spin up new environments to get their work done. All the while, business is humming along, happy with the reduced costs associated with consolidating services onto fewer machines, increasing overall utilization of hardware and freeing up rackspace. Does this sound pretty cool? Then tune in on April 8th to hear all about it.

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