DockerCon & Co 2015

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2014 was the year of Docker. The container-based world exploded on the scene with the promise to reinvent how you think about distributed applications. But is it just hype or are there immediate benefits to be realised? In this session we explore Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery leveraging containers, one of the early use cases proving successful with Docker, resulting in reduced Dev/Test cycle times and lower infrastructure costs. We'll walk through the end-to-end CI/CD workflow, highlighting the big wins containers have introduced, as well as discuss common challenges to avoid. Lastly, we'll look ahead, identifying the next set of use cases to likely achieve real-world benefits from containers. Speaker: Avi Cavale is the co-founder and CEO of Shippable, a venture-backed hosted continuous delivery service built on containers. Previously, Avi spent over a decade at Microsoft building highly scalable Internet services and working on products like Xbox 360, Office365, Azure and Kinect. His most recent role was as director of product development at a Seattle startup. He has also presented at ModevCon, Gluecon, Defrag, Red Hat Summit and several Meetup events. In his free time, Avi likes perfecting his bird photography and relaxing with a glass of red wine.

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