DockerCon & Co 2015

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The OpenStack project is designed to make infrastructure deployment flexible and to enable all types of clouds; public, private and hybrid. Learn how Docker enables developers to build, package and deploy applications as lightweight portable containers, which run virtually anywhere, including OpenStack clouds, bare-metal servers and dedicated servers. The combination of Docker and OpenStack makes for a powerful tool for cross cloud application development and deployment. In this session, the Docker and Rackspace teams will automatically build and test open-source Margarine (our friendly test application) from source using Docker. Once complete, we will deploy Margarine from a laptop virtual environment to: 1. Rackspace public cloud 2. Rackspace private cloud 3. HP public cloud 4. OpenStack multi-node cluster in a colo-facility All with little to no modification and virtually no delay! We will wrap-up this fantastic session by discussing the recent integration of Docker into Nova, and future plans for Docker and OpenStack.

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