DockerCon & Co 2015

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In this video I go over the basics of what docker is and show a little demo of how I am using it in a bare bones django application. There is still more for me to learn on the subject, but I thought I should share what I have learned so far. Docker provides a nice way for you to eliminate mundane system administrative tasks and manage your infrastructure as code. Resources & References: Docker Fig. Fig really brings this all together and makes it useful. Very important! I was surprised that it was not one of the first things introduced to me in all the content I came across online. Vagrant Probably one of the best written and clear tutorials I came across online that explains the basic functionality in detail on how docker works in technical terms by someone named tonyhb. Thanks tonyhb. A good video I found that gave a good technical presentation on docker. This link bellow helped me understand links and volumes. The presenter also helped me discover fig from my questions in the comments section: Once again. If you are researching docker, take a look at fig! I wish someone would have told me that from the beginning. a more detailed technical look at fig Although I did not really prepare this in a tutorial fashion. Feel free to look at my code sample on github:

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