DockerCon 2016

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Fugro is a multinational enterprise that collects and provides highly specialized interpretation of geological data for a number of industries, at land and at sea. The company recently launched OARS (Office Assisted Remote Services), an innovation which uses advanced technology to reduce, and potentially eliminate, the need for surveyors onboard sea-going vessels, optimizing project crewing, safety and efficiency. By keeping skilled staff onshore and using an Internet of Things platform model, Fugro’s OARS project provides faster interpretation of data and decisions, better access to information across regions Hear how Fugro and consulting partner Flux7 created a solution with Docker and Amazon Web Services at its center that provides a high degree of uptime, ensures data is secure and enables portability so that environments that can be quickly replicated in new global regions on demand. Learn how Docker is being used as a key component in Fugro’s continuous delivery cycle and see how Docker is also used to create redundancy that ensures high uptime for Fugro’s 24X7 requirements.

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