DockerCon 2016

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Containers are quickly becoming the default foundation for modern applications. As a public cloud provider, IBM has been an early champion of containers in the cloud and has built an enterprise ready container service as part of IBM Bluemix. IBM has a long heritage of supporting, contributing to, and building offerings on top of open technologies and IBM carries this commitment to the open development of container solutions by being an active/founding member of the Open Containers Initiative and Cloud Native Computing Foundation. In this session, we will explore the enduring commitment to open technology as well as the advantages of using a pure containers service where the user has access to total solution life cycle management through integration of lessons learned, cutting edge enhancements/development and end-to-end support on the user's underlying infrastructure. We will explore topics such as exploiting bare metal servers, applying overlay networking to containers, ensuring isolation and security in a truly multi-tenant container environment and managing a global service deployment.

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