DockerCon 2016

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True microservices are more than simply bolting a REST interface on your legacy application, packing it in a Docker container and hoping for the best. Security is a key component when designing and building out any new architecture, and it must be considered from top to bottom. Umpa Lumpas might not be considered "real" microservices, but Willy Wonka still has them locked down tight! In this talk, Aaron will briefly touch on the idea and security benefits of microservices before diving into practical and real world examples of creating a secure microservices architecture. We'll start with designing and building high security Docker containers, using and examining the latest security features in Docker (such as User Namespaces and seccomp-bpf) as well as examine some typically forgotten security principals. Aaron will end on exploring related challenges and solutions in the areas of network security, secrets management and application hardening. Finally, while this talk is geared towards Microservices, it should prove informational for all Docker users, building a PaaS or otherwise.

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