DockerCon 2016

Video recording and production done by DockerCon

Simple Yet Powerful – Orchestration is a central part of modern distributed applications; it’s so central that we have seamlessly built it into our core Docker Engine. Our approach to orchestration follows our philosophy about containers: no setup, only a small number of simple concepts to learn, and an “it just works” user experience. Resilient – Machines fail all the time. Modern systems should expect these failures to occur regularly and adapt without any application downtime that’s why a zero single-point-of-failure design is a must. Secure – Security should be the default. Barriers to strong security — certificate generation, having to understand PKI — should be removed. But advanced users should still be able to control and audit every aspect of certificate signing and issuance. Optional Features and Backward Compatibility – With millions of users, preserving backwards compatibility is a must for Docker Engine. All new features are optional, and you don’t incur any overhead (memory, cpu) if you don’t use them. Orchestration in Docker Engine aligns with our platform’s batteries included but swappable approach allowing users to continue using any third-party orchestrator that is built on Docker Engine.

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