FutureJS 2014

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This is a talk from Barcelona FutureJS 2014 ( Developing large apps is difficult. Ensuring that code is consistent, well structured, tested, maintainable and has an architecture that encourages enhancement is essential. When it comes to large server-focused apps, solutions to this problem have been tried and tested. But, with the ongoing dramatic shift of functionality into the browser, how do you achieve this when building Front-End Web Apps? In this talk we'll cover the signs to watch out for as your HTML5 SPA grows and provide examples of some of the tooling types that can contribute-to - as well as ease - the growing pains. Finally, we'll demonstrate how tooling can be used to support a set of conventions, practices and principles that enable a productive developer workflow where the first line of code is feature code, features can be developed in isolation, code conflicts are avoided by grouping assets by feature and features are composed into apps. The demonstrations will use the BladeRunnerJS open source developer toolkit, but the concepts are widely applicable.

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