JSConf US2015

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Who in their right mind would ever want to work with RDBMS anymore. Especially in JavaScript, where you can just call "save" on your JSON and turn it into web-scale BSON, or get to choose between so many levels of DB that we don't even know which to use. This will be a story about one person's journey to try and make people believe that Node can actually be a thing for boring, early-2000's era web applications using (gasp) SQL. It'll also share some discoveries along the way including how ACID / transactions can be super useful in the everything-async world of JavaScript, and some tips and tricks for keeping a sane and organized data layer when venturing into the abyss of hybrid single-page / server-rendered applications. Meet Tim Tim is a software engineer from Philadelphia. He enjoys building things for the web and collaborating on open source JavaScript. He is passionate about learning from and teaching the best ideas from different languages and frameworks.

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