OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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In the search to find an automation framework to help manage the deployment of your OpenStack clusters, youl find several tool chains and frameworks to choose from. Symantec embarked on a Proof-of-Concept pilot to test various solution options. Symantec initial list of proposed features and capabilities included: ability to manage the bare metal provisioning enrollment of nodes in the cluster deployment of the OpenStack implementation on the cluster full lifecycle management of the node from birth, provisioning, operations, and decommissioning high availability configurations of OpenStack components RBAC user/group security mechanisms multiple physical network segments to segregate various traffic types for security multiple-cluster control capabilities multi-region management capabilities ability to scale to many thousands of nodes Symantec initial design posed significant challenges for all of the frameworks under consideration which required a high-touch professional services engagement with each vendor. This presentation will discuss the pros and cons of the various vendor solutions for deploying OpenStack. The vendor solutions under test were as follows: Mirantis Fuel Canonical JuJu/MaaS Dell Crowbar - Triple-O - Foreman - RackSpace Did we find an implementation that hit all the requirements? Come find out ... !

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