OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Many applications still in use today were constructed before web­scale IT designs were more prevalent and therefore lack the features and flexibility of cloud­developed applications. Traditionally, these applications would need to be completely re­written or redesigned to incorporate modern auto­scaling and self­healing functionality into the application service itself. In this talk, we will look at: Taking advantage of current capabilities founded on available OpenStack orchestration, modularization, and monitoring and alerting tools to provide scale without rewriting the application Relying on Murano orchestration combined with OpenStack layout to enforce best practice self­healing rules in deployment Simplifying delivery of auto­scaling and self­healing from the service catalog By attending this presentation you will understand how to apply key features of Murano, Kubernetes, Docker, and Ceilometer to incorporate auto­scaling into existing application frameworks. You will be able to establish your own specific OpenStack availability zones, host groups, flavors and images to enforce resilient application service best practices and incorporate the use of these features and capabilities in conjunction with currently used deployment mechanisms.

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