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This presentation, by Jim Carter III, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Mostly we think of the payment network as being a system that lets money flow from consumers to businesses, but in reality it facilitates a lot of money moving the other direction, too: from businesses to consumers via refunds, rebates, loyalty programs, and more. At Giving Assistant we've leveraged this to build an international loyalty program for our members that gives them real cash back while doing good for nonprofits at the same time. You'll get to hear the details of this "upstream" usage of the payment networks, the challenges we've run into as we've scaled to sending weekly worldwide payments to our members (including why my face is most likely on the wall somewhere at Stripe), and the "golden ticket" we've built on top of Spreedly that lets us use the credit/debit networks to put money on any Visa or Mastercard, anywhere in the world.

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