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This presentation, by Camille Acey, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

In 2015, the small team at Clubhouse ( decided they were ready to launch their SaaS project management system. The only big thing left to do was set up a payments system. They settled on Stripe, and set about connecting it to their backend system (built in Clojure and Datomic). What looked simple and straightforward on the surface, proved to be one of the company's most formidable challenges. In this talk, I’ll share my team's experience in setting up and managing this integration. During the talk, we’ll cover: Balancing customer support vs. engineering concerns; Managing complexity vs. accepting third-party logic; The unique challenges of user management with Datomic; and The importance of payment systems in pulling down the SaaS metrics your company's leadership will inevitably want.

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