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Ruby On Ales 2013

This presentation, by Jonan Scheffler, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

We are fortunate as software developers to spend our lives learning. Our careers require us to keep pace with an industry that innovates like few others and we adapt ourselves to constant change. Given the amount of time we dedicate to learning it is surprising that we don’t make a greater effort to improve our cognitive ability itself. Cognitive function can be improved with some simple techniques that apply broadly in our profession, and it only makes sense that we should expend at least as much effort improving our ability to learn as we do actually learning. This presentation will offer you some immediately actionable steps to improve your cognitive ability and be more efficient with your programming studies. You’ll learn techniques mnemonists use to memorize random pages of binary digits, how your brain physically changes as you learn something new and how simple changes in your daily routine can have a deep impact on your work. We spend hours refactoring our code and preparing for roflscale, why not spend some time optimizing our brains?

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