Velocity Conference 2014 New York

Videos provided by Velocity Conference, New York 2014 via O'Reilly YouTube Channel.

From the 2014 Velocity Conference in New York City, an interview with the Product Manager for Hewlett-Packard on what HP can offer non-enterprise customers in performance testing, the HP LoadRunner software tool, and HP's DevOps future. Click to watch Shane Evans's keynote address: About Shane Evans (Hewlett-Packard): Shane Evans is a career performance engineer, ScrumMaster, and current product manager for the industry-leading HP LoadRunner performance testing tool. With twelve years of hands-on experience in Enterprise IT, ranging from technical support and quality assurance to performance management and engineering, Shane has helped build CoEs and deliver high-performing business applications. Since joining HP in 2009, he has helped hundreds of customers worldwide meet their application performance objectives. Shane is an advocate for education and mentoring over tools and process. He moved from Vancouver, BC, Canada, to California in 2012—and does not miss the rain.

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