Velocity Conference 2014 New York

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From the 2014 Velocity Conference in New York City. Why isn’t the US Men’s soccer team dominating the world of soccer? The US has more money and people than the top 5 countries in the FIFA Rankings. So why doesn’t US soccer dominate the FIFA rankings? (US is ranked at 13) It turns out that it may have to a lot to do with a interconnected knowledge network from the world’s best soccer leagues. There are a lot of parallels to this and struggling IT organizations. In this talk I’d like to discuss how open source communities and meetups have served a valuable part in fostering that interconnected knowledge network and practical ways to cultivate this network within organizations. This keynote is sponsored by Rackspace About John Yi (Rackspace): I started in the IT Automation space working for Opsware and became fascinated with the automation of infrastructure. When Opsware was acquired by HP, I found a home with the good folks at WebMD and worked on automating their infrastructure. Their I learned some of the ideas of DevOps and the clever ways this has been used to create products and services faster in IT. Cloud being a great tool to facilitate automation led me to Openstack and Rackspace.

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