Windy City Rails 2014

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In a world of in-demand minds and ever changing job positions, your project better be ready to get developers up to speed quick. How do we do this? We show them the manual of course. Wait… you guys have a manual for your project, right? You probably already do. It’s called your test suite. In particular, your Cucumber features. Cucumber allows us to write how a feature is intended to work and then assert that it does. It is a great way to exercise the entire stack but an even better way to educate on how your application behaves. This talk will go through why cucumber is still relevant in a sea of fast running tests, why every chosen word in your feature is important, and ways to get the most out of your integration suite. Matt is a seasoned veteran of the Ruby world, having spent many years helping build up the Ruby community in Chicago and putting in time at both Obtiva and Groupon. He’s a lover of the simple things in life, and that love translates to an ability to see the simple solutions in complex development problems. In addition to his development chops, he’s a father, husband, son, friend, software developer and unemotional robot (or at least that’s what he’s heard).

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