Windy City Rails 2014

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Sometimes a little time spent upfront on design is worth it. Just because we’re agile doesn’t mean no design upfront. Unfortunately some people have taken “working software over comprehensive documentation” to mean no documentation and no design. In this talk, Mark will present a method for evolving an object oriented design through tests, with a strong separation between collaborator classes and process classes. The emphasis will be on quickly driving toward a tested design before committing to functioning process code to save time commonly spent in the refactoring of operational code and test code. You’ll learn how to write better designed and tested code faster with less refactoring churn. Mark Menard is the founder of Enable Labs, a boutique consulting firm, in Troy, NY, specializing in product development, business productivity and problem solving. Mark has spoken at several Ruby conferences including LA Ruby Conf, Ruby on Ales, Wicked Good Ruby. Mark also evangelizes Ruby at such events as BarCamps and CodeCamps. Mark has also spoken on Software Patents at TEDxAlbany, and several academic settings. Mark frequently presents on Ruby issues at the TechValley Ruby Brigade; and does training sessions covering Ruby, Rails, refactoring, test/behavior driven development, and other software development topics. Mark is the happy husband to Sylva and dad of Ezra and Avi.

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