Windy City Rails 2014

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A couple of years ago, a client asked Evan to build a recommendation engine for them. Coming into this with a minimal knowledge of statistical math, Evan ultimately built a relatively simple recommendation engine in Ruby. The design made heavy use of Redis Sets, Lists, and Hashes in order to greatly reduce the number of SQL queries to provide recommendations. This talk will be a case study discussing the object-oriented considerations in designing a scalable service, how Redis was a good fit for the project, and some of the painful lessons that Evan learned along the way so that you don’t have to repeat them. When not polishing his bio for conferences, Evan slings code from the comfort of his apartment near Washington, D.C., attends entirely too many meetups, and organizes, if it can be called organized, the annual Ruby DCamp unconference that has never, in fact, been run within the borders of Washington, D.C.

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