Windy City Rails 2014

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What happens when you put a major American city on Rails? Find out in this talk from a 2014 Code for America Fellow working in Atlanta. Find out in this talk from a 2014 Code for America Fellow working in Atlanta. How is writing a Rails app for government different? When governments are still huge believers in .NET, Oracle, and all other forms of bloat as a proxy for stability, where does Rails fit in? Does it fit at all? In this session, the presenter will talk about putting together Rails apps in the City of Atlanta as a Code for America Fellow and beginning the process of turning the apps over to the city. Topics include: Preparing city staff for taking over a Rails app when they’re .NET-focused and short-staffed Running lean and iterating faster than the speed of a municipal budget cycle Increasing transparency by liberating app data with a Rails-based API Integrating with existing software running in city hall to break down silos and save taxpayer dollars Tiffani pursues better living through software. She founded Pencil You In, enabling businesses as far away as Australia to operate more efficiently by accepting appointments online. She is also a 2014 Code for America Fellow working with the City of Atlanta, GA. Tiffani is a front and back-end developer working primarily with Ruby on Rails and iOS. Her latest work includes determining how to take full advantage of a Hadoop cluster. Tiffani holds a BS in Computer Science from Howard University. She’s a chronic gum-chewer.

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