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Recorded at: November 9, 2008
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Ruby is pretty unique among scripting languages in having not only one but six (!) fairly mature runtime environments -- MRI, Rubinius, JRuby, MacRuby, IronRuby and MagLev -- each of them with specific strengths.

In this talk we will first give a brief overview of planet Ruby and its continents. Then we will embark together on a journey into the deepest concurrency jungles on Java island, where strange beasts like Kilim, Jetlang and Akka roam. With a little luck, we might even encounter the legendary Disruptor!

Using examples taken from actual production JRuby code, we will demonstrate how the power of the JVM plus the rich ecosystem around it are an ideal complement to the expressiveness of Ruby -- and how this killer combination can be used to fully exploit modern multicore hardware.