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Recorded at: February 23, 2013
Date Posted: April 11, 2013

Impress your friends, scare your enemies, and boost your productivity 800% with this live demonstration of vim and tmux. You will learn how to build custom IDEs for each of your projects, navigate quickly between files, write and run tests, view and compare git history, create pull requests, publish gists, format and refactor your code with macros, remote pair program, and more, all without leaving the terminal. Come prepared to learn and ask questions; this is serious business.

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Recorded at: April 19, 2012
Date Posted: December 18, 2012

This talk will make you much faster with vim.

Most people that start learning vim get stuck in a rut right around low-intermediate. They can get everything done, but not very quickly. Lots of people never get any faster from here.

This talk is targeted at users of vim aren't satisfied with where they are, and want to learn to write and edit code at breakneck speed. We'll focus on the knowledge and philosophy necessary to keep making huge leaps in efficiency and to approach expert status. Expect a talk jammed full of specific tips and general advice that you can apply immediately.