Ancient City Ruby 2013

This speaker believes that the best way for programmers to learn is to watch each other work. We’ll leave slides behind and focus instead on the greater information density achieved through live coding. We’ll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of real code, and refactor it right onstage. As we do so, we’ll bump into lots of meaty topics: Potential downfalls of the ‘extract module’ refactoring (aka ActiveSupport::Concern). The pros and cons of Dependency Injection. How two good OO design ideas (like SRP and Tell Don’t Ask) can contradict each other, and what to do about it. How well–placed functional programming can improve a codebase. Whether the Law of Demeter should be followed religiously, and what it means if that’s hard to do. Why fast tests are usually good tests, and vice versa. Audience participation is strongly encouraged, as is stealing the speaker’s Vim tricks for your own use.

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