ArrrrCamp 2012

UX from the outside in and back What are the keys for attracting masses if simple perfection isn't? What's wrong with Mozart anyway? Can we all be the Beatles? And should we even want to? What about the Monkees and the Hermits? Is there any technical golden path to take? How much does design have to do with it? Is less really more? What can be covered by some basic rules? Do our frameworks make/suggest appropriate decisions for us already? Swimming with the masses is not outstanding (dang!!!). But if you ask fish it's rather safe... unless you have a bunch of Orcas after you. What are the web's Orcas? Not answering those questions yet. Just a couple hints: The responsibility for a good UX can't be left with the frontend alone. The edge is outstanding, but you have to see in what direction you find yourself standing out! What's the pirates' way to deal with it? Conclusion As you can see from the raised questions, it's a lot about design-(also in a development kind of way)-descisions. None the less my talk will also go into a couple technical details where applicable and where time will allow. Oh, might also end up to be entertaining here and there.

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