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Big Ruby 2013

This presentation, by Wynn Netherland, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Like REST itself, Hypermedia is one of those topics everyone is talking about but few understand. Many discussions on the topic devolve into chaos until someone screams out "Fielding, dang it!" in exasperation. Even more civilized debates have a healthy dose of "READ THE F-ING SPEC!" API consumers don't care about your API, your architecture, or your specs. They just want your data. This talk aims to provide a real world perspective of Hypermedia and show why it matters as we walk through the evolution of the GitHub API and the design decisions behind those changes. We'll dive into HATEOAS, media types, HAL, Collection+JSON, link templates, and the growing landscape of Ruby libraries for making all that easier to implement. We'll also look at the impact of Hypermedia on API clients and when it might not be the best design pattern.

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