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Big Ruby 2013

This presentation, by Adam Keys, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Big team, small team. Huge company, tiny side business. No matter which, time is what you're short on. You're already using tools like Ruby and Rails to make more with the time you have. But what about non-web apps? What databases, development tools, and other libraries let you do more or do bigger things in less time? Finding high-leverage tools is a handy skill. Once you've found a tool that is simple to use, performant, and reliable, you can use it all over the place. We'll look at four tools: Faraday, Celluloid, Metriks, and Pow. These will help us talk HTTP, write concurrent programs, instrument our apps, and set up apps quickly. We'll see how to use them for multiple applications, play to their strengths, and work around their weaknesses.

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