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Big Ruby 2014

This presentation, by Chris Morris, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

If you get 10 minutes into this talk and decide you don't really like the topic, the topic will change! If you don't like the speaker, well ... there's no accounting for taste. The Cobbler's Production Console Has No Shoes. Don't give all your great stuff to your end-users, build something nice for yourself as well. We'll look at a few of the things I've built for myself at LivingSocial and hopefully will inspire you to do the same. Do-It-Yourself Mocks and Fixtures. Big projects need some custom love. factory_girl, ActiveRecord fixtures and mocha demo nice, but sometimes they wear out their welcome in a big code base. How hard could it be to do yourself? Let's find out! It might be easier than you think. Track yer Big Stuff without screwing up production with Humperdink. With over 2500 translation keys in one app, we decided to build out some tooling to track at runtime what was and wasn't being used so we could prune out the dead stuff. ALL THE ANALOGIES We've all tried to wield the construction analogy to help figure out what the heck it is we do. Let's get creative and think of 10 other ways that don't quite capture it either.

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