Chef Conf 2012

Level-up your Chef skills by learning about these areas of Chef: * Attribute Precedence - Role, environment, cookbook, data bag? Which attribute value will be used in my chef run? Walk through an example that will show you which value gets applied in your chef run. * Encrypted Databags - Chef 0.10 brought us encrypted databags. We'll look at how to create and use databags and how to keep them up-to-date in your repository. * LWRP - What is a LWRP? How and why do you create one? We'll look at a couple of sample LWRPs and learn how to build a simple one. * Error Handlers - Demystify exception and report handlers by writing a simple one and seeing examples of how they work in the wild. * Capistrano and Chef - Take a quick look at why and how to integrate Chef search into your Capistrano configuration to make deploying your Rails apps even easier.

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