CSSConf EU 2014

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In today’s abundance of CSS pre-processors that make the developer’s life easy, it’s equally important to pay attention to the post-processing. Fixing syntax errors, removing duplications, reducing bytes, and sending the bare minimum you possibly can – these all make a difference in the user experience. In this session Stoyan will talk about the state of currently available CSS parsers and introduce you to a new modern best-of-breed open-source CSS minifier. He will teach you the details about the process of parsing, understanding and reducing CSS code, as well as how to write code that lends itself to better compression. From key-value parsing to full AST parsing, from delivering BSCSS (browser-specific stylesheets) to writing your own pre/post-processor to add missing or newly proposed CSS features, Stoyan will have your thirst for CSS minifier knowledge covered.

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