DevOpsDays Amsterdam 2015

Businesses are speeding up development and automating operations to remain competitive and to get large organizations to scale. Project based monolithic application updates are replaced by product teams owning containerized microservices. This puts developers on call, responsible for pushing code to production, fixing it when it breaks, and managing the cost and security aspects of running their microservices. In this world operations skill-sets are either embedded in the microservices development teams, or building and operating API driven platforms. The platform automates stress testing, canary based deployment, penetration testing and enforces availability and security requirements. There are no meetings or tickets to file in the delivery process for updating a containerized microservice, which can happen many times a day, and takes seconds to complete. The role of site reliability engineering moves from firefighting and fixing outages to buiding tools for finding problems and routing those problems to the right developers. SREs manage the incident lifecycle for customer visible problems, and measure and publish availability metrics. This may sound futuristic but Werner Vogels described this as “You build it, you run it” in 2006.

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