DevOpsDays Ter Aviv 2014

While A/B test is a very known and familiar methodology for conducting experiments on production when you do that on a large scale it has many challenges in the organization level and operational level. At Wix we are practicing continuous delivery for over 4 years. Conducting A/B tests and writing feature toggles is at the core of our development process. However when doing so on a large scale, with over 1000 experiments every month, it holds many challenges and affect everyone in the company, from developers, product managers, QA, marketing and management. In this talk we will explain what is the lifecycle of an experiment, some of the challenges we faced and the effect on our development process. * How an experiment begins its life * How an experiment is defined * How do you let non technical people control the experiment while preventing mistakes * How an experiment go live, what is the lifecycle of an experiment from beginning to end * What is the difference between client and server experiments * How do you keep the user experience and not confuse them * How does it affect the development process * How can QA test an environment that changes every 9 minutes * How can support help users when every user may be part of different experiment * How can we find if an experiment is causing errors when you have millions of permutations [at least 2^(number of active experiments)] * What are the effects of always having multiple experiments on system architecture * What are the development patterns when working with AB test At Wix we have developed our 3rd generation experiment system called PETRI, which is (will be) open sourced, that helps us maintain some order in a chaotic system that keep changing. We will also explain how PETRI works, what are the patterns in conducting experiments that will have a minimal effect on performance and user experience.

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