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DjangoCon 2015

"I came for the framework but I stayed for the community.“ Many people make this statement when asked "Why Django?“. The Django community can change lives and has changed many lives, including my own. I’d like to share Django Tales with you, stories of inspiring women whose lives were changed by learning Django and becoming involved in the community. But what is it that makes the Django community so special and awesome? What do we all love about Django and its community? There is no doubt that the Django community is great but we’re not done yet! There are things we can improve. So what can we do better? And how can you help improve our community? How can you help people become part of our community? If you’re curious about the answers to those questions and would love to hear inspiring Django Tales, then this is the right talk for you :) Some things I will talk about: The "Your Django Story“ interview series on the Django Girls blog Why Django Stories? How Django can change lives: Stories of awesome whose lives were changed by learning Django What’s awesome about the Django community? We’re not done yet! What can we do better? How can you help people become part of the community/make our community better?

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