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Elixir Conf 2016

This presentation, by Frank Hunleth, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

With all of the Python, Node.js and C++ libraries for connecting to sensors, actuators, and other devices, it's easy to dismiss Elixir as a language for physical computing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Between binary pattern matching, a functional approach to transforming low level data, and natural support for recovering from the hiccups of real world hardware, Elixir is an ideal language. The main parts missing have been low level library support. This talk starts with a discussion of the options for connecting to hardware devices, challenges and pitfalls of each technique, and tips for minimizing frustration. It will provide an in depth view of using the nerves_uart library, your laptop, and an inexpensive FTDI cable to interact with sensors, motors, smart phones via Bluetooth LE, and more. Each example will show how Elixir can beautify some really ugly hardware interfaces. Finally, the talk will end with how to remove the tether to your laptop by creating standalone embedded devices with Nerves.

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