Elixir Conf EU 2017

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Erlang comes packed with a great tool for manually monitoring, debugging, and visualizing Elixir processes: observer. However, it is not always possible to use observer to monitor due to restrictions in the current world of mixed ecosystems, micro services, and docker containers. We offer a new solution :wobserver. It will allow you to directly monitor any node, while offering additional options like: - web interface, view from anywhere, from any system [with a browser] - api, json api for automated monitoring or integration with other applications - system metrics, pre-formatted metrics, simple to integrate with other software - node discovery, discover nodes behind load balancers and view them all through one single interface - simple, just add it to your mix file and you are up and running In the talk we will go through the background of the project and show you how to mount :wobserver into a Phoenix application, hook it up to Prometheus, and deploy it behind a load balancer.

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