eurUko 2013

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You care about your code. You write nicely factored and clean code, with nice and small methods that each do just what they are supposed to do. Maybe you worry sometimes that these additional methods and small objects can be problematic? This talk hopefully makes you stop worrying about this. So with all this care that you do, what can a Ruby implementation do to make sure your code actually runs fast? In this talk I will discuss the techniques used that allow your Ruby code to execute faster. How do we make sure calling a method is cheap or even free? How can we let you mostly get away with allocating a lot of objects? How do we make iterating with .each as fast as a while loop? Different techniques will be discussed, such as inline caches, just in time compilation, method / block inlining and better garbage collection. As a Rubinius contributor I've worked on all these subjects so I know a few things about these topics, but these will explained such that any Ruby developer can understand how these optimizations work. The quest for a faster Ruby is happening in a lot of places and you can learn how this is done!

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