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Golden Gate Ruby Conference 2011

This presentation, by Ryan Dy, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Demand for richer, more interactive mobile web applications requires tools and frameworks that are as intuitive and simple to use as Rails. These new applications are built with JavaScript but still require server backends. While there are many new JavaScript frameworks, only a few are suited to mobile web applications, and integrating them can be challenging. Development on iOS or Android may leverage Objective-C or Java code to take advantage of features on these native platforms. Ruby is an excellent tool for quickly building this new generation of applications: either as a JSON translation service between a client application and database, or as a stateful web service using websockets. Ruby complements these emerging technologies well, letting you rapidly mock up, develop, and deploy modern applications. The purpose of this talk is to illustrate how these new technologies and frameworks can be combined to make interactive applications, focusing on mobile devices. In JavaScript, I will illustrate how to use Backbone.js and Persistence.js to build a client that communicates with a rails backend without a persistent Internet connection. In Ruby, I will focus on how to take advantage of caching techniques to make mobile clients interact better with server-side APIs. I will also discuss how to integrate JavaScript on native platforms to take advantage of iOS or Android features that are not available in the Webkit browser. Lastly, I'll discuss how WebSockets and WebGL can be used to take interaction to the next level.

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