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Golden Gate Ruby Conference 2011

This presentation, by Konstantin Haase, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Programming languages must be implemented in Java or C, everybody knows this. Sure, a prototype in Ruby, but that would be unusable. After all, Ruby is made for web development, right? Hard tasks, like implementing a compiler, have to happen in far more manly languages. But wait, the Rubinius compiler is written completely in Ruby, and it seems to get pretty decent performance, maybe we can use that. In this talk, we will explore the possibilities of using the Rubinius compiler tool chain to implement our own programming language targeting the Rubinius VM. We get all the hard work that went into Rubinius for free and above all, can do the heavy lifting in Ruby, everyone's favorite programming language. As an example we'll use Reak, a Smalltalk implementation running on Rubinius.

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