JSConf Asia2014

In electronic music, a live coding performance consists of a performer improvising a piece of music by coding it in front of an audience, while projecting their code for the audience to see. People get together and dance to these performances at events called Algoraves. Gibber is a creative coding environment that I originally designed for live coding performances, and it’s created entirely in JavaScript. In my talk I’ll share the audiovisual capabilities of Gibber, what it’s like to perform with it, and how it’s used to teach kids to create electronic music. Along the way I’ll show off some libraries I’ve created that might be useful to creative coders. And finally, I’ll live code some music and visuals that you may or may not dance to. Charlie is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the AlloSphere Research Group at the California NanoSystems Institute, where his research explores computer human interaction in virtual reality environments. He is the primary author of Gibber, a creative coding environment for the browser, and has given over a dozen performances in the US, Europe and Asia improvising audiovisual art through live coded JavaScript

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