JSConf Asia2014

Let’s say you’ve built a brand spanking new Node app. The Internets smile upon you and it becomes super popular! Suddenly people all around the world want to use it too. And naturally, some of them might want to abuse it for nefarious reasons (think stolen private data and leaked selfies). Now you’re thinking to yourself: How do I solve these problems? With a sample Express app and some help from PayPal’s open-sourced KrakenJS suite, we’ll show you how! Dexter is an application developer at PayPal. When not working on Node-based KrakenJS projects, he’s out rock climbing, diving and building reusable UI components and widgets, often at the same time. Laurence is a PayPal engineer on the SWAT team, and enjoys moving up and down the stack. His core interests lies in security and distributed systems, and enjoys looking at performance data to make things faster.

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