JSConf Asia2014

Reactive Programming is very useful for building complex user interface and interactions. Unfortunately the most popular form of it is FRP (Functional Reactive Programming) which is not an easy paradigm to learn and use for newcomers. In this talk we will present you a much simpler approach that still preserves all the Reactive Programming properties usually required on day-by-day basis but allows you to use the usual imperative style just in a 1Kb library of pure JS. This talk is suitable for medium-above average programmers who are interested in building user interfaces (although Reactive Programming might appear useful in other parts of a typical application as well). But it can also be useful for novices as this talk has no prerequisites (unlike the mentioned FRP). There will be a pretty simple code examples with a lot of interactivity on the screen. I promise, it will be a good balance between concepts, examples and fun! Slava is a core developer at the open-source full-stack JS framework Meteor. His work includes Meteor’s real-time data updates from databases, client-side caches, packaging system, Phonegap support and other exciting things. In his free time Slava constantly tries to educate himself on different fascinating topics of Computer Science.

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