JSConf Asia2014

The web has vastly evolved since it was first invented. However, the way we write web applications has not changed much from the way we wrote the first MVC web frameworks running on a single server. Today’s web applications run in the cloud with a myriad combination of distributed subsystems. Yet we still write web applications as a monolithic piece of software that runs the same on every server. Quiver is a new approach to tame the modern web architecture. It learns from best practices including the Unix Philosophy, REST architecture, microservices, and combines them into an elegant component system. With Quiver, a web application is organized as a set of loosely coupled components that are connected declaratively. Quiver makes it possible to create reusable subsystems such that the same application logic can run on vastly different environments. Soares Chen is an independent web developer from Penang, Malaysia. He work mostly on server backend using Node since 2011, and is passionate about web technologies. He currently stays in Singapore and is active in the SingaporeJS and HackerspaceSG community. Soares is the creator of Quiver, with it he has the ambition to make building web applications as easy as combining lego bricks.

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