JSConf Asia2014

There are two main challenges in creating a game: starting, and finishing. With the plethora of tools at our disposal, it’s quite easy to embark on our pet projects. But sooner or later, we come across problems. Scope creep, unknown unknowns, fragile code and just life in general. It’s at this point that many games falter by the wayside and are eventually shelved. In this talk, I’ll take you through my journey of creating my game Trichroma, and share both the technical and non-technical lessons I learned along the way that enabled me to pull it over the finish line and bring it home. Peggy is a full stack developer at Atlassian who loves creating things. She makes everything from stuffed toys to Android apps, and her latest project is a little game called Trichroma. She co-organises the Girl Geek Dinner and Women Who Code. But if you really want to know the way to her heart... that would be food!

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