JSConf Asia2014

Supporting a multilingual application has been a difficult for a very long time and we are now in a brink of entering a new state where we can do it more easily. Data such as CLDR and technologies such ICU’s MessageFormat is unheard for most people. Yet they are used by global companies such as Google, IBM and Apple. These technologies is now included in a project I have been working on called L10ns(). In addition to solving complex translation formatting with the help of ICU’s MessageFormat and CLDR, L10ns also solves a very difficult workflow problem associated with translation. My session will focus on all the mayor problems in internationalizing applications and help people use efficient industry best practices and solutions for producing multilingual applications. Tingan is a designer, coder & thinker from China and loves innovation in web, design, and OOS. He is the author of SASS-Inspector and get-translation and contributes to many other open-source projects.

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