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JSConf EU 2014

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When I became a developer evangelist in early 2012, I was told that an important part of my job was to support my developer community. This open ended mandate was both scary and exciting and I threw myself into the role, eventually getting involved in organizing meetups, hackathons, conferences and even a coworking space in my adopted home of Seattle, WA. However, earlier this year I started to experience severe burnout related to these activities and as I spoke to other organizers I started to hear similar stories. The number of developers worldwide is growing at a breakneck pace and we need many more people to jump in and help support the new members of our community. This talk is about the joys of getting involved but also how the things that you love can sometimes hurt you. I’d like to share a few things I learned recently about prioritizing people over projects that make contributing both more scalable and also much more rewarding.

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