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JSConf EU 2014

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This is a talk about alternative ways to interact with smartphones and tablets. Being equipped with an array of sensors (touch screen, GPS, camera, proximity sensor, gyroscopes, compass, microphone, accelerometer, and even a humitiy sensor), smartphones and tablets offer a whole new range of input options. I’ll talk about how these new inputs can help improve and augment the current keyboard and swipe/pinch interaction paradigm. I’ll give examples of how the new interaction types can be implemented (some at a conceptual level, others more concrete). Demo-wise, I’ll also show you how a real-life search engine can be augmented for smartphone use. In addition, I’ll show you how data from many of the sensors are accessible directly from Javascript and give some pointers to how to transform the raw data into more structured web app consumable input. Overall, my talk is about how to move away from a text input based paradigm and how to establish new ways of interaction better suited to the new devices on their own terms.

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