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JSConf EU 2014

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This talk aims to take you on a journey – from the days of the Easter Islands around 700CE, over the mid-15th century in England to Mars and rain forests of our days and finally to the future of Free, Libre and Open Source Software (OSS). On our way, we’ll take a close look at the culture in Open Source Communities, its status, relevance and why this culture is the key to building the future of OSS. We’ll think about the core values of Open Source, amongst them freedom, democracy and decentralization, take a look at software-development as an act of representation and find out why diversity (regarding gender, skills, ethnicities and ideas / backgrounds) and user-centered approaches will be core determinants when we want to build a future for Open Source. This talk aims to encourage everyone of us to broaden our horizons when it comes to how far we can go collectively with all our Open Source projects when we’re thinking about their future, - and it wants to show how widening our communities, aiming for diversity and sustainability will enable us to build this future together.

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